Identify Accidents, Incidents And Emergency Situations Essay

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3.1: Identify what accidents, incidents and emergency situations may occur? Missing child: a child would wonder off and leave the premises without anyone realising. If this happens, the setting procedures must to be followed which will include reporting the missing child to the line manager immediately, searching the premises and informing the police and parents in necessary. Aggressive behaviour of a child: I child could became very upset and starts to throw things and attack other children or adults. if this occurs, the other children must to be taken away from the area. The child must to be talked to calmly while removing any objects that could be thrown or cause a danger to the children and adults. The incident must to be reported to the key person of the child and the line manager. Gas leak, fire and bomb threats: if this happens, the person who is first to the scene must call 999 or 112 if they are safe to do so or shout or help, the setting evacuation procedure must to be followed, for example everyone should leave the building and use…show more content…
There is always at least one first aider on site at all times. As all permanent staff are trained in first aid. If medical assistance is required, we call 999 and ask for an ambulance and the parent of the are informed immediately. Also, if a child have a head injury the parent are inform immediately and advised to monitor the child. All accidents are recorded on an accident form, which includes details of the injury and a body map. The form is signed by the first aid assisted stuff, the head teacher and parent/care who collects the child and is then kept in the child’s individual file, in the medical section. A record sheet containing number, name & date of all accidents/incidents is kept in the accident/incident file. All accident outside of school are also recorded and signed by the parent/care, stuff who reported it and the head

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