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Man has written for thousands of years. Literacy acted as a stepping-stone to every power-holding ancient civilization from the Egyptians to the Chinese. Literacy and education remain a necessity for the establishment of every industrialized, wealth-holding nation in modern day. In America Skips School, Benjamin Barber argues, “The logic of democracy begins with public education”. () Barber’s reference to educational resources though downplays the private sector’s role in the development of young citizens. Despite this, throughout his essay Barber reaffirms the significance of learning to every generation. Barber believes: “When that education is public and universal it is an aristocracy to which all can belong”. Barber limits the idea of universal learned citizenry though to one avenue. “Public schools are how a public- a citizenry- is forged and how young, selfish individuals turn into conscientious, community-minded citizens.”() By this definition private schooling and the private sector on the local level become invalid sources of producing such citizens.…show more content…
.”() Instead Barber says: “We acquire our freedom over time, if at all. Embedded in families, clans, communities, and nations, we must learn to be free.”() Incidentally public schools typically only contain teachers and unlearned students, hardly a presence of community. In 1993 more educational resources became available to private schools and homeschoolers. Barber, however, merely dismisses them. He discredits resources such as the Edison Project or Lifetime Learning Systems for being founded upon free-market advertising.

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