The Importance Of Education In Egypt

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As of the twenty first century, Egypt was always known as a developing country. Throughout the years, there were obvious studies showing the decline of Egypt’s civilization and development. Evidently, to solve such a dilemma, one must approach the faults of the nation. Of course, in such situations, things are easier said than done. Nevertheless, such a step should be taken. One of the faults of Egypt’s reference as a developing country is its education problems. The purpose behind education is to build the character of an individual; allowing graduates of institutes to become independent, more creative, more capable of thinking freely or “outside the box”, and make decisions. Sadly, this isn’t the case in our nation today. Education is said…show more content…
All these studies agreed on one conclusion that Egypt has made a huge progress in spreading the value of education all over the whole country and access to education, but not a progress in amelioration the quality of education. Egypt has population of 80 million , which is an extremely fast growing rate especially the last 30 years , 75% of families suffers from the low income especially in rural areas where the rate of illiteracy is quite high , So they cant afford to let their children apply for good schools which they are so expensive for them , so they have to apply for the governmental schools where the quality is very low , on the other hand the families who can afford to let their children apply for the expensive privet schools. As a result , the level of education are getting so low which make their futures doesn't contain good opportunities to have a good job , and that's increase the rate of unemployment in Egypt. Who can we ask for the whole of that? , I think the government one of…show more content…
The other cause the teacher's principle , teachers doesn't focus on the quality but the quantity , they don't make all their effort due to there is no goals for them , measly salaries , no bonuses . Teachers have their attentions not only who can accommodate easily but also who take with him/her more tutorials or privet lessons. privet lessons can count one of causes, some teachers encourage their students to take some tutorials extra searching for more income and make them assume that this privet lessons is the main not the school to get high grads, So who cant afford to take privet lessons usually they cant get high grad who make them unqualified to apply for good universities to have a good job after. Also one of the most important causes, the privet schools and their main goal which is money, they never satisfied every year increase their fees not to increase the quality of teaching but to increase the entertainment and buildings which stole the parent's attention and have more customers as it's business not for having a well educated generations and good

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