Essay On Suicidal Sacrifice

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Sacrifice is an important virtue to possess. By putting yourself at a detriment, you serve to bring about a net gain to the world, by bringing positive feelings to others you are allowing individuals to lead a good life. Yet, what if this sacrifice is a detriment to not only you, but to your family and your loved ones as well. You can choose to not make any such sacrifice, however by doing this you may be ashewing the greater good. We should, whenever the detriment is redeemable and the cause true, sacrifice for others. There is no benefit to a suicidal sacrifice. Some sacrifice is needed in order to spread the opportunity of the good life to others as well as to give yourself the opportunity to grow as an individual. In a objective…show more content…
Yet, our body plays a big part in our loved one's lives, to a point in which they have a psychological ownership of our body. When someone, without permission, uses your body to promote the general welfare, it can have a significant negative impact on your family. Such is the case with Henrietta Lacks, a victim of cancer whose cells have been used in medical research the world over for their immortality (in that they continually reproduce without degeneration). These “HeLa” cells have improved the lives of countless individuals as they have been used to create the polio vaccine as well as the development of methods used to treat “herpes, leukemia, influenza, hemophilia, and Parkinson's disease”(Skloot, 4). Numerous other medical tests and findings have been conducted using HeLa cells. Although this sacrifice has led to the betterment of global health, the Lack’s family felt a “Pounding in the back of their heads, a gnawing feeling that science and the press had taken advantage of them.”(Skloot, 5). They are proud of the medical legacy and positive influence Henrietta left, but were right in that Henrietta’s body was taken advantage of. Profits were being made off of her body, and her family was never compensated for it. The

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