E. J Dionne's Essay Helping Others Is What We Do

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“Helping others is what we do” E.J Dionne Jr., the author of “Helping others is what we do” — an article from The Washington Post, claims that the United States (U.S) government should help Syrian refugees because it is our moral responsibility to help other nations that undergo disaster, even though it is not an easy task. For one thing, if United States (U.S) take the responsibility to help Syrian refugees, we would save innocent people from death and famine. We would also help “alleviate ungodly agony” and encourage other nations who refused help. Additionally, Dionne emphasizes the U.S should use their wealth to help innocent Syrians who are seeking better lives. By helping the Syrians financially, we help deduce the killing…show more content…
He started with a series of thought-provoking questions such as “Why should the U.S take in tens of thousands of Syrians refugees?” to arouse the interest of his readers. His essay directed to humanitarians (upper level class), working class and politicians. Dionne used a familiar phrase by Donald Trump which is “We have our own problems” to establish a common ground with his readers. He reaffirmed Trump’s statement by stating that “millions of Americans face poverty, violence, unemployment and shortage of opportunity”(Dionne par.4). By using Trump’s phrase, he helped his readers to realize the “unmet obligation at home.” In contrast, he asserted that taking in more refugees would have less influence on the country’s economy and the unemployment…show more content…
Most poor countries such as Syria, Libya, Yemen and so on, that undergo civil rebellion/war are relaying on other countries for help. By helping this poor nations the U.S will make other country their allies. Dionne’s essay, moreover, could have added more specific examples and legit reasons to back up his claim, even though his claim is direct, it wasn’t strong enough. How article could have been more enjoyable if he had given more detail on how, when, and who, the war started in

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