Environmentalism And Environmentalism

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By the early 1970s thanks to investigative writers like Rachel Carson who looked at the use of pesticides in agriculture and especially thanks to the media attention surrounding Santa Barbara oil spill. There is this strong national trend in America towards Environmentalism.It became very popular. And the media really played a very big part in advancing this cause here. In the early 1970s, the Keep America Beautiful organization was founded. This is essentially created and launched this new public service campaign. They designed a clean community system which was essentially a group of national local community anti- litter campaigns. But their biggest contribution in terms of cultural icons was called, “The Crying Indian”. The Native American actor Iron Eyes Cody portrayed an Indian standing on the side of the road in traditional garb while cars cope litter around his feet and hillside was covered with [mud ??unintelligible 00.00.59] .And the final caption is, people start pollution, people can stop it. This sort of reminded many americans of their job to look after the earth there.…show more content…
But, really keeping alive these issues of environmental disaster and the need for national legislation were the events themselves and the media really jumped on one after another. In the 1970s, there was the 3-mile island accident which is essentially a nuclear reactor that came very close to having a melt down in

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