Argumentative Essay On The War On Drugs

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The War on Drugs is a deeply rooted and controversial campaign for the prohibition of drugs, military aid and military intervention that has been debated for years now (Dan Balducci). The War on Drugs has been the decades of a long campaign that was launched by the Government of the United States of America in June 18, 1971, to eradicate the illicit use of drugs. It was first launched by President Richard Nixon and the Congress at that period of time. By declaring the ‘war on drugs’, Nixon, dramatically increased the size and presence of federal drugs agencies and pushed through measures such as mandatory sentencing and no-knock warrants. (Drug Policy (.org). It has been a prolonged battle that has been fought for over 40 years now. And has been claimed to be America’s longest ‘war’, metaphorically. He…show more content…
It has truly had a colossal effect on society and the individuals that are involved imposing a harm upon them. The countless effort, time and money spent is essentially a waste as we’ve seen that the use of drugs have expanded and risen steadily. The exact opposite outcome the war is meant to effect. This can change. We have already identified that drugs pose a threat to society and there has to be something done in order for it to stop acting as a threat. We can use different ways in which we approach the ‘war’ on drugs. Here are some: Legalisation of Drugs One suitable way to approach this problem would be to enforce immediate legalised regulation on narcotic substances. By doing so, the initial enforcement would not help the problem drastically burt rathe help the crime and violence side of the war deter and stop imposing a harm upon society. Jack A. Cole of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition compares modern drug prohibition to the failed alcohol prohibition of the early 20th

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