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Police corruption is an issue that has come up a lot, particularly in the last few years. News stories about cops killing innocent individuals based on their race have been common, and has prompted a long overdue conversation about law enforcement and corruption. The documentary “Walk the Line” by the Fifth Estate brings up the important point that police are particularly vulnerable to the pull and allure of lucrative criminal behaviours. The close, albeit typically negative, relationship between police and criminals puts cops in close proximity to the world of crime. This nearness means they, the police, get to see all of the benefits that can come along with crime. They become vulnerable when they see the money and relationships that can…show more content…
An expert says that many cops struggle with this issue, because they believe that some laws call for them to go against the moral decision-making process. When they are in situations, they make the decision that it is more moral to break the law, than to uphold it (Kelley, 2014). The expert refutes this, stating that law making is not in the hands of the police for a reason. They are there to uphold the law, and ensure others are doing the same thing (2014). The idea that they should be able to change the law in their head because that’s what they, one individual, think is right. There are situations that may call for the breaking of the law – defending oneself from violence, for example. But if a police officer has a pre-existing idea that they should be able to make legal decisions based on their own personal opinions, they are walking even closer to a very thin line. Police are the law enforcers, not the law makers. Laws go through a long process of being passed for a reason, and should not be changed on a police-to-police basis. Allowing that would be allowing the potential for corruption. Our police need to be held to a high standard, and the only way we can do that is ensuring they are following the laws they are meant to be

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