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(1) Biological Factors: Biological factors that contribute to the development of human personality can be divided into three categories: (i) Heredity: Heredity is the transmission of the qualities from ancestor to descendant through a mechanism lying primarily in the chromosomes of the germ cells. Heredity predisposes to certain physical, mental and emotional states. It has been established through research on animals that physical and psychological characteristics can be transmitted through heredity. However, such a conclusive proof is not available for human beings, though psychologists and geneticists have drawn the conclusion that heredity plays an important role in personality. (ii) Brain: Brain is also an important biological factor…show more content…
An individual‟s external appearance which is biologically determined is an important ingredient of personality. A person‟s external appearance have some influence on his personality because he will effect influence on others and in turn, will affect his self-concept. Similarly, the rate of maturation also affects personality because persons of varying maturity are exposed to different physical and social situations and activities differently. (2) Family and Social Factors: Family and social factors also determine the personality development. These factors can be classified into two categories: (i) Home Environment: Total home environment is a critical factor in personality development. For example, children with markedly institutional upbringing or children in a cold, unstimulating home environment have a much greater potential to develop emotionally maladjusted personality than children raised by parents in a warm, loving and stimulating home…show more content…
These social groups play an important role in shaping personality. Because when a person joins a group, he has to confirm to the values of that group, which may or may not always be palatable to him. If he doesn‟t, he will not be treated as valued member of that group. His desire to be part of that group and belong to it as its member, will compel him to change certain aspects of his personality (for instance, becoming less aggressive, more cooperative etc.). Thus a person‟s personality becomes shaped throughout his life by at least some of the people and groups he interacts

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