The Bullies Perspective: Victims And Bullying Behaviors

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Victims and bullies behaviours Bullies Perspective There are various reasons why people bully others. It can be caused by jealousy, insecurity of themselves, and to make themselves feel superior and powerful (, 2014). Other's obsession is subjectively weird, and they might’ve been taught that enjoyment is watching other people suffer. As us human beings tend to want to fit in with their peers and want to feel superior, they sometimes forget what's right or wrong and do some unintentional actions. I wanted to share some of the confession of the bullies from "When I was 10, I used to bully other people in my school because of their appearances or academic abilities. I used to be part of a group and…show more content…
These actions can lead to mental illness such as depression, bipolar and anxiety which further lead to self-harm and suicidal thoughts. Some victims feel bad about themselves, as see themselves as outcasts. Some who got bullied because of their hobby tend to stay away from that hobby or does it in his/her own time or stop doing it completely. There are some victims that do not understand why the bullies do it and always have the question "why?" in their heads that might as well stays in their for the rest of their life. I have gathered some bully experiences from which was shared in the sites and how they feel about it. I'm an 8 year old girl and I'm getting bullied by my old best friend. She hits me she calls me names it has been going on for 5 weeks it is a nightmare she has most of my friends hitting me and because I am from Russia they say it's the worst country in the world. I have like no friends and I am sad :( I go home every day and cry. i was thinking of making an anti-bullying project so she knows that bullying kills and that's what I feel like doing. It already makes me feel a bit better that you're reading this…show more content…
That is the question I ask myself almost every day. There are certain people in my school that I will probably never forget their names as long as I live due to the pain they have caused me over the years. People talk a lot about bullying, but for some reason that implies some sort of "stand off" situation where people can clearly see someone getting mistreated. I feel like this cripples a lot of people from actually doing something because then it is so easy to say "well I don't really see it, so ..." or some other, frankly BS, answer that essentially places the blame

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