Racial Discrimination In Humans: The Good Ideas Of Humanity

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I think that humanity is when something comes to mind when you look at someone. Humanity should not be used all the time but it is and sometimes it’s good ideas and other times there's bad ideas. People these days use humanity to define appearances and that can hurt many different people in many different ways. When there was a television show that we watched and there was a person stealing a bike they showed how racial discrimination can induce someone's decision on helping or getting him in trouble. When there was a white male trying to steal the bike and asking for help only a few of the people that were walking by kept on walking and one couple came up to him and tried to stop him and that couple was Elaine and George. The percentage of people that actually stopped him was two…show more content…
Sometimes implicit bias can be legendary and they can also be notorious. When you were born and started to develop your vision i think that is the first time that you could be given an implicit bias and that's when you could give them to others as well. Everyone in their lifespan will have given an implicit bias and will have received one as well. The bystander effect is when you watch something happen to someone else and you don't do anything to help them or to get help. Many people have done this once or twice and they probably didn't intentionally mean to but they just didn't know what to do at the moment. The seven steps of decision making are identify the decision, gather relevant information, identify alternatives, weigh evidence, choose among alternatives, take action, and review your decision and consequences. Using the decision making process can help you weigh the good and bad decisions out and it can help you not make horrible decisions. Using the decision making process helps you think about your decisions more before you do something without

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