Essay On Pack Animals

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Animals that live in social groups, like wolves, are known as pack animals. These groups are usually family units organised in a strict hierarchy, with each individual animal having its own role within the pack. Pack animals form strong emotional bonds with each other, allowing them to work together as a cooperative unit, not only when hunting, but also in the defence of their territory, and when raising young. Both dogs, and wolves have similar social needs that are either met within the pack framework, or in the case of dogs within their human family units. By understanding the social, emotional and physical needs of wolves, how they form friendships, care for the sick and aged, how they educate the young, we can…show more content…
There have been a number of external influences that have contributed to the emergence of different breeds, including diverse climatic areas. It stands to reason that dogs living in frigid climates need to survive in extremely cold weather, therefore requiring thicker coats than dogs living in warm climates. Various geographical locations would also contribute to the appearance of divergent breeds, as dogs living in mountainous areas would require different physical skill than dogs living in flat regions. A great deal would also depend on the size and type of predators and prey in any given area, which would also physically shape the dogs, into smaller, quicker, or larger, and stronger breeds. Furthermore, parasites and parasitic infections may have decimated weaker dogs, only allowing the strong to survive. All these factors would have influenced external changes in dogs either becoming lighter or heavier, finer boned or larger, smaller or bigger, faster or stealthier, which would have led to the emergence of various breeds. 6. One of my previous much beloved canine companions was an Italian Greyhound. I used to take great pride in telling people what an ancient breed of dog she was, and that her lineage went all the way back to Roman times. How wrong I was! I have realised the error of my ways, and now know that modern dogs did not exist in ancient Rome or Egypt. There may have been dogs that looked similar, from which modern dogs may have evolved, but they certainly did not exist in their modern form, in ancient
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