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When someone tells us something, we don’t believe it without proof. When our parents tell us something, we do not believe it is true until they turn out to be correct. In the courtroom, judges expect evidence or else they are not convinced. We learn lessons in life through experiences. Fiction teaches us lessons of how the world works except it is shrouded in imagination. That is the persuasion and evidence we need. This makes it interesting and the themes an underlying message. These are the themes I found in Julie of the Wolves. There are many but these are the ones I connected with the most. A major theme is, as touched upon many times throughout the essay, is modern ways versus old tradition. Old customs have value because they are irreplaceable but they may not have a place in todays’ society. How does someone decide between two cultures? Characters in Julie of the Wolves decided by what was practical for them, not what they truly believed. Miyax and Kapugen both started out living as an Eskimo but that…show more content…
For wolves, it is the base of their society, and the key to their survival. “Once Kapugen had told her that some wolves had tolerated a lone wolf until the day he stole meat from the pups. With that, the leader gave a signal and his pack turned, struck, and tore the lone wolf to pieces. ‘There is no room in the wolf society for an animal who cannot contribute.’” -Julie of the Wolves pg. 121. The author told this to us because it is also true in our lives. If you don’t work, you won’t gain anything. This story shows the line between humiliation and complete dishonor. The lone wolf crossed that line by stealing from the pups and that is something beneath anyone; taking from the innocent and weak. The quotation at the end of the excerpt shows the extent of intolerance. It only lasts until you take away. You can stand doing nothing and you will barely be

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