Informative Speech On Totems

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Totem poles have been used by native tribes for a long time, sometimes even used as coffins! But that isn’t a totems only purpose, they can also be used to tell stories of all types, like about someone’s life, which is what the one I’m going to share to you is about. More specifically, I have created six animals that represent my past, present, and future. I will try explain each one to you so that you can hopefully understand why I chose them, starting with my two animals for my past. The two animals on the bottom of my totem represent my past. One is a monkey, and another a hornet. The reason I chose a monkey is because I liked to scream a lot, or so my mom says. I was also curious, which often got me in trouble, which leads…show more content…
Dad was in the garage on the other side of the house, and Mom was lying in bed pregnant with my brother, Ethan. All of a sudden, Dad heard a bone-chilling scream echo from the backyard. He raced to the other side of the house to come face to face with a black buzzing, cloud, which was a giant mob of hornets. The person screaming was me, of course. Apparently, I had stumbled upon a hornet nest, and had angered them by smacking the underground hive with my stick. Dad rushed into the fray of stinging monsters, grabbed me, and rushed to the car. All the while, Mom is lying helplessly in bed with contractions, wondering what is going on. After making sure I was safe, Dad ran to the house and told Mom what happened, and she sprang out of bed and into the car. As…show more content…
I chose the salmon because they have to be persistent when fighting against the currents, so that they can reach their goal, the spawning place. I think I am persistent and don’t quit until I reached my goal. The beaver is known for eating tree bark from people’s backyards and using the very same wood to make a dam that makes the neighborhood lake flood. I think, though, that they should also be known for their creativity, in designing the dam, and how the structure will look for the house they have to build. This can relate to me because I like to build things (mostly out of legos) and also use these builds to create awesome stop-motion movies! Hopefully I can still be this creative in the

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