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Llama Ecology Essay This essay is about llamas and how they are involved with the ecosystem. I’ll be informing you on the impact they have on us too and what we can use them for. They are important to our ecosystem. Even though they don’t impact us in our everyday lives they are still important to the ecosystem and I will be telling you how. Llamas role in the biodiversity is not that great. They are independent creatures and they don’t need much in life. They aren’t like most animals that eat animals. There isnt a lot that they eat. They primarily eat grasses or types of hay. The area and environment that they live in is really harsh so not to many animals can live there so that also contributes to them evolving into being herbivores.…show more content…
Llamas only eat grasses, they are herbivores ( an animal that only eats or gains energy with plants ,no meat). They don’t prey on animals nor are they ever really preyed on by any predator. They are usually hunted by animals like snow leopards, cougars, and even humans. Llamas don’t eat other animals at all. They do however eat plenty of grasses and hay. Llamas barely have any interspecific interactions for several reasons. They are native to South America and are a relative to camels. Now they are used to eat grass or even loveable pets. Their wild relatives are guanacos and vicunas. They were brought here over time to graze on empty land and make great pets as well. The species of llamas have a some what mildly big part or role when it comes to the nutrient cycles. The eat grass and hay and people like farmers or people with a lot of land need them for a specific and special job. They are grazers they eat the grass. for example if a farmer or a crop grower need a patch of grass gone they buy grazers like a llama or a goat to clear the path. They poop good stuff too that is good for the environment. Llamas don’t really have that vast of an ecosystem because they aren’t being hunted. They also don't prey on other animals. They don't eat meat just

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