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Kayla spends most of her time staring at a screen messaging people she can talk to in person, as well as her own family members than going downstairs and chatting with them face to face. This is one of many examples of how technology is limiting our social skills as well as human contact with each other. Not just contact itself, but when people are texting they have a specific lingo in which to type with a lowercase I or misspelling words on purpose to make the process shorter. Sometimes this “texting lingo” can affect people’s performances when writing essays for English class. Although the limitation of human contact due to technology makes life easier and more efficient, but actually people around the world are losing their ability to talk to people face to face making their social skills nonexistent, as well as decreasing the capabilities of their knowledge with proper grammar.…show more content…
Having friends provides us comfort and gives empathy as well as the ability to give it back to them. This makes us feel human and we can go out and speak to one another about our day. This does not work if the entire room of people is in dead silence just staring at their phones and not talking to one another. In the novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, people live in isolation and do not talk to people or have a nice chat with their friends. One character’s name is Mildred, her personality can be shown as a person who just stays inside watching television and not talking with her actual family. One time she and her husband, Montag, were sleeping and, “There was a tiny dance of melody in the air her seashell was tamped in her ear, and she was listening to far people in faraway places” (Bradbury 42). This shows that while they are both awake, Mildred decides that it was not in her best interest to talk to her husband. While they were in bed, they both could have had a discussion about their finances and

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