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My favorite constellation is Orion the Hunter. The main reasons I have chosen this particular constellation out of all the others is simply because Orion is a very easy constellation to spot. Later, when researching for this essay, I found several other good reasons. For example, there is some very fun and interesting mythology surrounding this pattern in the sky. In Puerto Rico, the three stars making up Orion's "belt" are known as Los Tres Reyes Magos, or the three wise men. Also in the muggle J.R.R Tolkien's fantasy novel, The Lord Of The Rings, Orion is mentioned and given a name meaning the swordsman in the sky. The symbol of Orion the hunter is used in several cultures of mythology and is one of the most widely recognized symbols in…show more content…
There once was a man with hunting skills that surpassed nearly all. This man was a king but he was evil beyond all reason. Yearly, this man would hold a tournament just to show off his great hunting skills. Anyone he beat in his tournaments would be beheaded. All were afraid to enter knowing of the king's unmatched hunting mastery. Realizing this he began to force prisoners of war into them and if they should win he promised them freedom.Eventually when this still did not earn him enough competitors he went as far as to say anyone who beat him would be crowned the new king. One day, a young man by the name of Orion who was fighting for his foreign homeland, was captured and forced into a hunting tournament against the king. So the king released released a hundred of the fasted deer in the land into the forest and declared the start of the competition. The king searched and searched but could find none of the deer. Fear surged through him and quickly a horn was blown, signaling the end of the competition. The king walked back to the meeting point filled with shame. When he arrived, he was filled with awe at the stranger Orion standing on a pile made up of all one hundred of the deer. He declared Orion a cheat and refused him his prize. Filled with rage, Orion took a hatchet from his pack and hurled it into the king's neck slaying him instantly. The people, glad to be freed of their tyrant, crowned Orion the new

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