Tooth Loss In Dentistry

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Since the beginning of dentistry, people have been looking for tooth loss solutions. One of the solutions that was first invented was false teeth, which are known as dentures. Dentures were first invented in the 1700s and have been around since 700 BC. “False teeth” were not always false, in many cases they were real animal and human teeth but throughout the years dentures have been evolving and improving as technology and our understanding of dentistry has progressed. Before modern dentistry, the best solution for toothaches and infections in teeth was through extractions. When it came to extractions, this job wouldn't fall onto dentists but barbers. As you can see, during these ages the realm of dentistry had not yet been developed. Usually…show more content…
Tooth loss happens due to gum disease or from decay. Other risk factors that contribute to the loss of teeth can be obesity, diabetes and different forms of cancer. Edentulism usually affects people who are older and economically disadvantaged. Approximately 9% of those who suffer from tooth loss have dentures or are in the progress of getting them. According to Newsweek, “poor have on average eight fewer teeth than the wealthy by the time they’re 70.” (Smith, 2014) A study between Newcastle University and National Centre for social Research proved that social class could have a huge effect in the oral health of an individual. Over 6,000 people over the age of 21 from different backgrounds were involved in the study. The study proved that those with the lower income, lower occupation had the worst oral…show more content…
In the past dentures did not provide much help instead they were purchased because they were considered luxury and a cosmetic object. Dentures were not comfortable or aesthetically pleasing, but over the years dentures have improved due to new technology. The quality of life for people with dentures has improved in several ways. People with dentures are now able to speak, eat and carry themselves with confidence. When losing teeth, the biggest fear for many people is losing the ability to speak clearly as well as the fear of changing their diets and their overall appearance. Currently, dentures are fabricated to contour an individual's mouth for a good fit. Well-fitting dentures provide a natural looking teeth and help support facial structure by reducing sagging facial muscles and wrinkles. Dentures allow individuals to look healthier and younger. It can be a very positive impact to individuals who suffer from low

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