Essay On Nurse Client Relationship

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WARNING SIGNS There are number of signs that could indicate that the nurse may be crossing the boundaries in the nurse-client relationship. Some of the examples are: • Spending extra time with one patient beyond what is needed for the treatment. • Giving care to one specific client by changing another client’s assignments. • Feeling other members of the team do not understand a particular client as much as you do. • Disclosing personal problems to a particular client • Dressing differently when attending to a particular client • Thinking about a particular client frequently when away from work • Being guarded when someone questions the nurse’s interactions with the client. • Spending off duty time with a client • Ignoring policies of the agency…show more content…
Again nurses are most often crunched for time, so this makes it time difficult for nurse-client relationship to strive well. 10. INFORMED CONSENT Informed consent is also an ethical concept that should be understood by all patients and agree to the potential consequences of their care that has become codified in the law and in daily practice in every medical institution. BASIC COMPONENT OF INFORMED CONSENT • Disclosure of relevant information to prospective subjects about the research • Comprehension of the information by prospective subject • Voluntary agreement, that is free of coercion and undue influence on the subject to participate in the
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