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Living life to the fullest Written in 1959 with its initial publication in a 1960 volume of The Bean Eaters, ‘We real cool’ is an 8 line poem talking about the whole lives, from the coolness to the demise of a teenage clique (Hayes 811). Just like the poet, Gwendolyn Brooks, the group may be said to be black. However, they could have been of any race, with different ages, gender, and places of origin. After publication, the poem was viewed as a groundbreaking classic and up to date, and it has remained popular given its numerous debates among young people (Hayes 815). Nonetheless, perhaps the most fascinating piece is that the mish-mash of both language and rhythm is what sets this intriguing piece apart. It is simple, but it has a deeper meaning and stresses, which will be discussed when we dive into the analysis of the poem. On the other hand, when one wants to read about the impermanence of life, the poem ‘Nothing Gold Can Stay’ underscores and meets this need.…show more content…
It relates more to freedom and justice instead of skipping school and hanging out with friends. The poem has a high perception of the type of lives some people live and how negligence cannot last. The rhyming schemes and alliterations schemes the author uses leaves it up to the readers to interpret whether the lives the pool players are living or the reality that they die early should be seen either in an optimistic or a destructive light. In contrast, Robert Frost’s poem, ‘nothing gold can stay’ is all about the temporariness of life. It is a short poem that is full of a lot of wisdom. Each line has context and does not lack any symbolic significance. Just like how nature adheres to its strict rules nothing beautiful can last forever, and we should strive to enjoy everything we have while it continues, be it wealth or life itself. Everything has to go for transformation and eventually change as it is a natural

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