Essay On Natural Disasters

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Disaster cannot be defined as only a situation that occurs at certain places that bring damages as disasters are divided into several types. The researches that have been made throughout the times shows different results regarding the types of the disaster, although all of the results are likely to be related which mean even if Researcher A stated the types are 1, 2, and 3 while Researcher B stated the ones are 1 and 3; it still shows the two same of types. 2.1 Natural Disasters Natural or environmental disasters are the ones that cannot be avoided as it involves the nature where the impacts are a high-impact disaster as it leads to worse effects and it takes times to recover. This sudden concurrence event is also known as cataclysmic as it…show more content…
As this point has been stated, not to mention, where according to Kishore (2003), “has reviewed the natural disasters to have occurred in all regions worldwide in the period 1973 to 1997 and pointed out that Asia and the Pacific are among the most disaster-prone regions in the world as it causes a lot of lives. In light of the natural disasters, the types of natural disasters are divided into several and the first one is geological hazards that are the earthquakes, landslides, and volcanic eruptions”. Furthermore, the next one is the hydro-metrological hazards such as floods and cyclones. The last one Kishore (2003), “perspective of types of disasters occurs in Asia and the Pacific period during 1988 to 1997 is the other hazards which are the epidemics; a large number of sudden concurrence, infestations, or even forest fires”. As it has been mentioned where each of the researches states different opinions and points of theirs, another key to remember is that the researchers defines disasters using different expressions. According to Turner and Pedgeon (1997), “natural disasters can be divided as the natural phenomenon beneath the earth’s surface, natural phenomena of complex physical origin on the earth’s surface, metrological or the hydrological phenomena, and the biological
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