Essay On Freedom Of Speech

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What’s on your mind? Do we have the absolute rights to speak our mind? Are you able to define freedom of speech? Even online platform fails to give a clear and exact idea of what to protect. The right to speak and act is one of the fundamental human rights to maintain the well being of a democracy. Beside that it is to speak without being fear of censoring. Moreover, the citizens ought to know what is happening and the situation of their country in order to trust the government. However, protecting freedom of speech at all cost is defined as to insulate it regardless of the price that they have to pay. Freedom of speech indeed is a basic human right, but protecting it at all cost causes the rise of victim being offended and hurt. In addition,…show more content…
Does freedom of speech include the right to insult? This might be seen if freedom of speech is protected at all cost. This is due to the fact that we have the rights to say what we want. People can get offended and we insult each other face-to-face. Although freedom of speech is a paramount value, respect, social harmony and many more is equally crucial. achieving individual freedom. demeaning to human dignity, or harmful to society. Over the past years we have seen many incidents of suicide attempts due to cyber bullying. In the case of Amanda Todd, cyber harassment, physical and cyber bullying lead her to suicide. If verbal abuse are restricted in the school and public regulations, many would believe that Amanda Todd’s suicide would not happened. From this case study, cyberbullying cannot be protected on grounds of free speech. Another example would be hate speech. In U.S there is no law against the hateful or offensive speech and the government are not able ban any movies, books, video games. Even any groups or political parties that pose threat, the government is not allow to interfere. Therefore, protecting freedom of speech at all cost can cause social disharmony and some aspect need to be dealt
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