The Aeneid: The Development Of Belief In The Greek And Greek Gods

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This essay will be analyzing how different factors such as natural disasters, historical events and creative minds influenced the development of belief in the Greek and Roman gods. “The Greeks, however, were not the only people to produce myths. The Romans, among others, also had a rich mythology of their own” (Wasson 1). The Greeks and Romans were enemies throughout their struggles for land and power, however the romans saw how profound the Greek gods were and created gods of their own to worship. Perhaps the people of Rome and Greece were more alike than they realized, but today the beliefs and religious practices of both cultures will be put on display to analyze how they were created through the imaginative people of both cultures to describe the natural calamities of their country or other major events which were hard to describe without the use of extraordinary creatures. One of the first reasons the Greek and Roman mythology grew throughout the land is because of how the people in the city wanted to describe their daily lives in a creative way. “Human qualities such as love,…show more content…
One of the earliest stories written about Rome and its ideals is called the Aeneid. “Virgil (Vergil) in his Aeneid, a tale that related the travels of its hero, the Trojan warrior Aeneas. The Aeneid has been said to exhibit the most complete expression of Roman mythology” (Wasson 1). While the Greek had many heroes such as Heracles and Achilles the romans created their own classic heroes such as Aeneas who was a demigod that got away from the destruction of Troy, he was said to be extremely courageous and fought many battles in order to overcome obstacles such as the intervening of Hera. The creation of Rome itself is from the descendants of Aeneas who are Romulus and Remus who were the founders of Rome and sons of Mars and later cared for by a wolf (Wasson

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