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All day long students are in their seats, rushing from one class to the next in a matter of minutes, getting piles of homework to complete for the next day. All teens do is sit in their seats, bored out of their minds looking towards the weekend or their next class. Sometimes middle school students need a break from school. Although as students, teachers, and even parents say that school is for learning some middle schoolers need a break throughout the day or a day in a week to go out and enjoy the fresh air. Middle schoolers should get one day throughout the week, possibly Fridays, to go out and have recess or a time to go out and have free time. Teens will have so much time to exercise, interact with others, and even get to know the earth around them.…show more content…
If students can complete all of their assignments and follow directions plus any other circumstances, teachers may come up with, then those students may have the privilege to go out. Also what teachers can do is if students want to stay in than a few teachers can stay inside for a workroom, or Student council can help with indoor activities for those who wouldn't want to go out plus stay inside to enjoy those activities. Additionally, if there's bad weather outside we can have those activities already pre-planned for us. On the other hand for those students who misbehave, didn't complete their homework or anything else they would go to another class. This will end up persuading teens to complete their work and follow class procedures throughout the entire week. Lastly, In other schools like Manheim central, they have a schedule almost the same as I’m describing it, they go out every Fridays during ‘Baron time’ (7th for us) and stay out the whole period and come inside a couple minutes before the bell rang. Then what they would do is for those kids who didn’t deserve the break they went to another

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