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When Japanese take photographs, they usually form a V sign. The action represents Japanese culture. However, many western people have doubts about that. Comparing to people who are from western countries, they rarely do that pose. They have own pose which makes them look more beautiful. They show their individuality in this point. Japanese tend to behave as people around them do and not to be noticed. It is also the reason Japanese used to do V sign that they do not know how people who are unfamiliar with them do. I made a survey for my friends in University to know how people around me think about V sign and Japanese culture related to it. The V sign is related Japanese culture and what it means, how it started, and how it spread. Japanese should know how their culture made by analyzing the meaning of one culture and the way it spread.…show more content…
To see the search result of definition of V sign in Oxford Dictionaries, at first it says “used as a gesture of abuse or contempt.” and then it says “used as a symbol or gesture of victory.” (“V-Sign”) However, according to my survey, almost all the respondents answered the meaning of V sign as positive. 47% of answers is “peace”, 29.4% of them is“happiness” or “joy” and 23.5% of them is “victory”. Only one person out of seventeen answered it has negative meaning. Especially in England, to show the back of V sign means insult, but most of Japanese do it without knowing that. In America, there are no such meaning in V sign, so Japanese culture also can be said to be more affected by American

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