The Joy Of Reading And Writing: Superman & Me

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Clear the Clutter! -Shruti.K.N People wrongly believe that being simple is taking the easiest way out. Little do we realize that the very act of choosing to be simple requires courage and mental strength. Many of us go through tough phases in life and mine was no different. But I decided to keep it simple and face it when it faced me. That simple belief helped me move forward with confidence. Whenever a situation left me in a quandary, I learnt to learn it the hard way. Simply put, I believe that the answers to many of thequotidian look for solutions rather than making one of my own. Now, that might seem abstract but I believe that the problems we face already, exist around us, and we fail to pick up these clues by choosing the most cumbersome route to achieving our goals.…show more content…
"We lived in a world of irregular paychecks, hope, fear and government surplus food" immediately allows me to sympathize with the boy and his attempt to educate himself. I know a lot, almost too many kids who have gotten their own way around comics. During my days it was Tinkle that was most famous. I enjoyed reading the few minutes of comic strips so much so that sometimes, I laughed so hard, I teared up in

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