Negative Essay: The Causes And Uses Of Social Media

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Introduction: Social media; nowadays it is a very important thing for us. Especially for young people like me. We stay in contact with our friends and family by using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And we also think that we know everything because of social media. Every second there comes new information online, about important stuff but mostly about things like parties, celebrities enz. We don’t want to miss anything and we are 24/7 online. A few examples of social media are; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and Snapchat. For the last 5 years social media become also important for our careers. If you are searching for a job you usually look into the newspaper or you were going to an employment agency. But now you go online on the internet. There are thousands of sites where you can find your job, jobs in your own country or a job on the other side of the world. Almost everyone is using social media and mostly your profile is on public. This means that you can look on your bosses social media profiles to find information about this person. But on the opposite, they can also watch on you and that is what I want to talk about. Social media is always watching you, it can make or break your career. This issue is really important because like I said, we use social media 24/7. And we are living in a world where there to many unemployed…show more content…
With social media you have a wide reach. You can post something on facebook and other people can share it. You can get over a 1000 likes or reactions, so people will know you or your business. And if you are still searching for a job you can also post it on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. On Twitter you can use 140 characters and you use hashtags#, for example #searchingforajob #communication #thenetherlands #Amsterdam. Through using hashtags people will find you sooner. It is also important that you follow people you look up to in your
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