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2. INTRODUCING LOGISTICS and TRANSPORTATION In this part of the report, I will explain that logistics and transportation in many aspects like logistics means, the role of the transportation in logistics chain. 2.1. What does logistics means? According the online dictionaries, logistics means that manage the goods flow between origin point and consumption point for meeting some customers needs and corporations needs. The resources of logistics include two different types that are physical and abstract items. Physical items are tangible such as food, material, equipment, and etc. and abstract items are intangible such as time, knowledge, and etc. Also, physical items involves integration of data hierarchy, storing, packaging, stock, transportation. To accomplish these jobs, logisticians should understand and think of business process. Logistics has been necessary part of daily life. It provides that goods are where they are needed.…show more content…
Multimodal Transportation Multimodal transportation is a transport mode with using two or more different modes of transportation with different transport units. (Alkan and Erdal, “Lojistik Yönetimi”, UTIKAD Yayını, Istanbul, 2013). For example, materials come to a railway hangar by roadway transportation. Then, the materials load to the train. This is the multimodal transportation. This example has two different transportation units such as truck for roadway and train for railway transportation. 3.3. Intermodal Transportation Intermodal transportation is a transport mode with using two or more different modes of transportation with same transport units. There are advantages of intermodal transportation. The first advantages is that not affected by bad weather conditions due to the hybrid transport system (roadway + railways or railways + waterway is generally used in this system.). Another advantage is constant transportation times. Every time sellers or buyers will not experience with different delivery

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