Troop Leading Procedure

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Leadership Essay The comparison and relationship between the troop leading procedures or TLP’s and the operations orders process or OPORD is something that is very important to understand in a leadership role. The most important part is to be sure that there is a clear understanding of the two and then be able to use them together to accomplish the mission with the expected standards. Troop Leading Procedures Troop leading procedures consist of eight steps that help ensure mission readiness, effectiveness and completion. Those steps include, receiving the mission, issuing a warning order, making a tentative plan, starting necessary movement, conducting reconnaissance, completing the plan, issuing the completed order and finally supervising and refining…show more content…
METT-TC is taken into consideration, including what the mission is, what is known about the enemy, how weather and terrain will affect the operation, what troops are available and how much time will be needed to complete the order. Some key components of step one includ using the 2/3rd’s, 1/3rd rule. This means that the leader should use no more then one third of the time available for his or her planning period before going into step two and issuing the warning order to their subordinates. The WARNO should include only enough information necessary for those receiving it to be able to conduct their tasks within the mission. Although there is no specific format for this, it generally is laid out in a five paragraph format with information regarding the mission, who is participating, time of the operation and any other information needed to issue an additional warning order if need be down the chain of command until every soldier included knows his or her role. This can also be an operations order or OPORD, which is an example of how these work together and are
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