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Over the years, the Feminist Movement has been on the rise and has influenced much change in society in terms of female equality and empowerment. It has been at its highest point in recent years and has created the new concept of “Femvertising”. In short, Femvertising is taking a modern day feminist issue, such as body image, and portraying it in an advertisement. Advertisers will usually do this for one of two reasons: to sell a product or just to bring awareness to the issue. However, the main goal of femvertising is to inspire women to change their perspective on the issue and even regain lost confidence. The ad I’ve chosen, “Sketches”, is by Dove Real Beauty and it addresses the issue of how women portray themselves and the impact they…show more content…
The music was noticeable as it was soft and relaxing piano music, which helped create the emotional tone of the ad. There were also white colors everywhere along with bright lighting in the room, which made the ad appear innocent and light-hearted. The next noticeable pathos appeal was the emotions of all the subjects that participated in this project. They were seen smiling when the strangers would describe their best features to the artist and they were shown crying joyful tears when they saw the end product of the sketch comparisons. Viewing their end reaction emotionally touched me and I even ended up leaving my chair at one point to grab a box of tissues since I began crying. The strong pathos brought out my emotions and reminded me how I once related to the issue of not realizing my beauty when I was thirteen. Back then, I watched a similar video on how we’re all beautiful and it changed my perspective after watching it. I can understand how people could be touched by this ad and it even reminds me a little bit of the ASPCA commercials that cause me to feel emotional. There is a definitely a decent amount of pathos in this ad and it does its job for…show more content…
Aesthetic perfection is for sure the top appeal, but in a different way than it’s usually perceived. Being aesthetically “perfect” has different meanings worldwide, from the perfect face shape to the perfect hair texture. Usually when commercials show someone who looks “perfect”, they have a full face of up, their hair is done, and their look like a typical supermodel. The case for sketches is much different as the women don’t physically change their appearance in order to look perfect, they’ve changed their mindset on how they view themselves. The fact that they mentally realize how beautiful they truly are is what helps to perceive themselves as Aesthetically perfect. You don’t always need a physical change towards your aesthetics, a mental change can create the same difference. As for love and affection, I chose this one due to the end result of the project. The women appeared to feel more loved by others once they stopped worrying about their worst features and appreciated what they have in life. One woman is shown hugging a man and smiling, knowing that he loves her for who she is and knows her true beauty. They also love themselves more since they know what they have in life and how aesthetically perfect they are on the inside. There is also more of a friendly love portrayed by the strangers the women briefly met prior to the start of the ad. These complete strangers

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