Leonardo De Leinci Last Supper Analysis

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When I think about the greatest artists in the 15th century the first two that pop into my mind are definitely Leonardo De Vinci and Michelangelo. The two artworks I am going to compare are "The Last supper" by Leonardo de Vinci and "The creation of Adam" by Michelangelo. Leonardo and Michelangelo are basically two distinctive artists, in the same period. Both with their ideas of significance to their place and time. Religious subjects were essential at the time and the church was the primary supporter for these renaissance specialists. The last supper and the creation of Adam are both fantastic paintings by famous artists but they both have their differences in the way the artist wanted to show the idea of the artwork. The "Creation of Adam"…show more content…
Leonardo was dispatched to execute the work of art in the Dominican religious community of this Church by Duke of Milan, Ludovico Sforza the last supper is one of the most famous works of art in the world. It is a large fresco style painting. It was not a true fresco because it was painted on a dry wall, instead of wet plaster. Da Vinci's Last Supper is portrayed in this custom feast as a religious function. Christ is especially the point of convergence of the whole piece and we have a feeling of hilter kilter symmetry as he is flanked by his supporters. There are thirteen individuals in all and we can see, apparently the figure of Judas Escariot to one side of Christ, as he was still present at the dinner. The divider was initially covered with a solid base of some material which would assimilate the tempera emulsion as well as ensure it against dampness. His base was exacerbated out of gesso, pitch, and mastic, and has not demonstrated tough. The shade soon started to loosen up from the base and a procedure of dynamic rot set in. As right on time as 1517, it was noted to have started to rot. More than wood board utilized as a part of frescoes, the block mass of the Last Supper has been liable to changes in temperature, mugginess, and dampness. These elements have made genuine harm to Leonardo's canvas and place…show more content…
They are totally two different artists but their work attracted me a lot and inspired me, therefore I will actually do something similar in the future. In Michelangelo's artwork the relation between God & Adam was very magnificent and the details of his work and idea behind it were mind blowing to me. Both of their paintings were so breathtaking and it encouraged me to research more about Leonardo and Michelangelo's paintings and other artworks. The reason I was very interested to write about these two paintings is because I have always seen pictures of them on some websites and it always caught my eyes but I never really thought about reading anything about it so I got the opportunity to when we were told to write this essay and I actually found out a lot of amazing information about it and I loved every detail of the two paintings and the idea behind them and it got me thinking about ways to use to in my personal artworks or in the future, Besides these two paintings are very famous and it attracts viewers from all around the world so I believe its something that would definitely attract me as

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