Leonardo And Vincent Van Gogh Comparison

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Everyone lives on this earth has his own way to expresses his emotions and feelings. The most widely used way is the art .As Twyla Tharp said "Art is the only way to run away without leaving home. "Art is a distinctive way that includes deferent methods including designing, paintings and sculpture. The world contains giants artists from different historical periods, they impressed the world with their unique ways, colors and paintings. Two of these artists, Leonardo Da Vince and Vincent Van Gogh, each one is different from the other in many things. The aim of this essay is to compare between these two artists. Brief of Vincent Van Gogh life: Vincent Willem van Gogh was born on 30 March 1853 in Zundert in Netherlands . When he was a child he was silent and series. He went to Zundert School in 1860. On 1866 he went to Willem II College in Tilburg. He began his interest in art when he was a child, he start to drawing as a child, and he developed his drawing until he becomes an artist. In 1868 he left his school and back to his…show more content…
We can see in Virgin and St. Anne how he understand and use the lines. His grasp to the painting was not just drafting, but it was expression of his feeling. On the other hand Van Gough was drawing on canvas directly without using draft or draw like Leonardo. That explains the mind of Van. Everything in his painting is the subject. Van can unite all of his sees and put them on a paper.  Van Gogh and Da Vinci were totally different in the approach they used in their works. Leonardo wanted to transfer the event or the image exactly. But Vincent was not transfer or copies any of event or scene; he just wanted to express his feelings and emotions through the paintings. His paintings were very abstract and not easily to

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