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In order to understand this specific diet plan which will help you, in an extremely special manner, lose weight, you need to review an overview of the HCG Diet plan. The foundation stone of this unique diet plan, the main point, is calorie constraints which limit up to 500 calories each day your caloric intake. Raising your hands to choose this special weight loss plan may be difficult; however, several success stories as well as a strong medical background will give you pause to think about it. There are a few different phases in this diet plan. Lets take a comprehensive analysis of the HCG Diet program. STAGE 1 Your body needs to be properly prepared for this special weight loss program. Stage 1 is the first phase of this diet. In order to…show more content…
You will plan your preparations for the meals needed for the later stages during this phase. STAGE 2 Stage 2, divided into two sub-stages, draws a clear picture for you of the overview of the HCG Diet Drops. You want to avoid the hard transition into a restricted calorie diet which means that in the beginning part of Stage 2 you will be dealing with fat loading. In other words, you suddenly cease your fat intake because of a strict diet plan. You and many other people find it quite bothersome to actually transform your or their current eating habits into a more restricted one. The difficulty with these transitions can lead to short-term results and an inability to overcome them in the long run. The HCG Diet is designed to help you. You will face minimum food cravings. Food cravings can hinder any process for rapid weight loss. The fat loading process happens over 2 days. The first part of this process includes the following meals: Breakfast its a heavy one includes a cream bagel, bacon, cheese, a cheese omelet and sausages. Brunch consists of a donut that has whipped cream and a strawberry shake. At lunch, eat a pork chop, a veggie spring roll that is buttered, and a chicken steak with mushroom sauce and mashed potatoes. Supper includes cheese garlic bread, rich fat dressing salad, crispy nuggets and cheesecake. Your evening snacks are either chocolate chips ice cream or a frozen…show more content…
Yet, the sole purpose of including all of the above high caloric foods is to load excess fat particles into your body so that HCG can work effectively. You can experience temporary food cravings and hunger pangs during the first week making this week rather difficult. Fortunately, however, these temptations subside within 7 10 days of the restricted calorie diet. Do be consistent in taking, for proficient results, the supplements. Your food choices will be limited, but will also be rich in nutrients, like vitamins, proteins, vegetables, fruits, tea, water and black coffee. A lot of people say that this stage is the most crucial phase in the HCG weight loss program. Your key to success is appropriate consistency and

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