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Counterfeiting is a crime because it involves in producing the product under someone else name without permission. Counterfeit products basically are made from the low-quality components and sell them at a cheap price. The brands that counterfeit produce are similar to original and consumer will buy and thrust. Example of counterfeit product is clothes, consumer goods, software, and others. Motivation behind the purchase of counterfeit product is there have two type of counterfeit product which is deceptive and non-deceptive. Deceptive is where the consumer didn’t know that the product is a fake product, while non-deceptive is where the consumer know that the product is fakes. The research has made why certain people would willingly to buy counterfeit product, because it is more cheap than original price and can be available for all stages of people. Luxury good are expensive, not all people can afford to buy them. In this case, the consumer are comfortable in taking risk to buy fakes…show more content…
The government have to encourage in organizing the program that speaks out about “avoid counterfeit products” to all consumer, so they can realize the disadvantages of buying counterfeit products. Moreover, the government can take an action in increasing the civil and criminal law rules for the company that producing the counterfeit products. The government might have to establishing legal framework within the (WTO) World Trade Organization, which can help the producer in goods and services in conducting the business. The government should take a proper step, to make sure all the counterfeit products is destroyed, removed from media, and disposed when there is no safety risk. The government have to convince people in avoiding the counterfeit product for a better

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