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Noise it is probably the most frequently forgotten of the environmental pollutants whose effects can be far-reaching. Noise harms us in more ways than we can think of and at times without us even knowing about it. We cannot have a noise-free world but we sure can have a noise safe world. There are various sources of noise pollutions. In some places, noise from construction projects predominates, while in others it is vehicular traffic or noise or noise from airports. Other sources include the noise in occupational settings or even the noise of simultaneous conversation. In over country, unleashed loudspeakers disturb the neighborhood on the seemingly endless night, where the laws are either battered in the name of religion or just for fun.…show more content…
Architects and interior designers have a notion that acoustically treated spaces are not acoustically appealing. But thanks to the perseverance of certain individuals and their constant innovative study and experience, today’s acoustics have both ‘beauty and brain’. Now acoustics is no more limited only to the dark cinema or big auditoriums, it has become a part of homes, offices, hospitals, educational institutes and also retail spaces. Allowing the end-user to experience true acoustics comfort in the space designed will be appreciated anytime. Noise can cause irritation annoyance, anxiety, anti-social behavior, hostility, and violence. It should not be forgotten. When one is designing an open office, he should always consider the acoustic impact of the materials being used. Think about where are the people being placed, hope the job types are being grouped, sound making, the type of telephones being used, and panel height and ceiling systems. There are plenty of solutions available to combat potential acoustic problems in open-office space in order to facilitate employee productivity. In the past, there has been a stigma associated with acoustic products. Some professionals think they’re utilitarian and that they limit your design option, but this could be nothing but taking one further away from the

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