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Islam: Islam religion was developed in the 7thcentury in the Middle East region. The meaning of Islam is surrender. Muslims people believes in the “Quran”, and that there is one GOD with no any other partners. The Islam was divided into two: Sunni and Shi’a. Moreover there are five pillars that Islam believe in: Ritual profession of faith, ritual prayer, zakat (charity), fasting and Hajj (pilgrimage to Macca) . For most of the Muslims people, Islam is the way of life ,that offers principles for the state and the society. beside the Islam teach us how to create peace and justice. Political and power was the central to Islam in contrast the Christianity. Despite all the conflicts among the states ,the differences between religions ,where the satisfied and dissatisfied stayed together, the conflicts in the Middle east will not come to an end, because of the…show more content…
For example: Mohammad Ayoob’s in “Many faces of political Islam” . The scholarships on the new religious politics mentioned that there are three crucial approaches for explaining the rise of the new religions movements based on religious political activism, on cultural and socioeconomic. Some scholars focus on the role of culture in the politicization of the religion as to concentrate on the rise of political Islam and the role of Islam in explaining this phenomenon. Therefore politics and religions can’t be separated in Islam, but sometimes the lack of democracy in Islam it will lead the separation between political and religious leaderships.Scholars among the years have argued about the concept of religion, some said that is concerned only with God, others focuses about the symbolic power of the religion how people understand their place in the region. When we talk about religion, we are talking about groups and individuals who base their ethics on a set of beliefs about the creation of the

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