Reaction Paper About Deep Water Shrimp

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Chapter 1 “Please do you of any information where I can find them” “Lad like I said, I don’t even know what you’re talking about. Now unless you’re asking to fill the spare job this will be the end of it” “No sorry, I already went to the adventures guild and have a quest to pick some green plants, thank you for you time” I (Jake) gave up with this final person in front of his store the sea delights and walked away will looking at the shore to the left of me. Three days ago, I was out of my mind with worry suddenly finding myself in the middle of some medieval costal town with a letter in my hands. Among other things it said to find the deep-water shrimp for it would bring the power I would need. Issue is No one even knows what they are,…show more content…
Rubbing my arms down I went over what I knew about shrimp. Deep water shrimp is in deep water Nobody knows what I am talking about With point two that means I have to get the supplies together to farm these myself They are in over 1,000+ feet of water if it’s the same as my world My experience amounts to watching the deadliest catch Alright it’s fair to admit thing could not be much worse but since god itself told me to do this is must be possible here. After an hour walk I got to the field which matched the badly drawn picture that a child named Tom gave me in exchange for giving him one “For a super secret reason” as Tom said. The plant look like a small leaf with reed veins through it on top of a long stem. Look at that… Here we go. pulling out my sword I looked at the hill top and noticed a rabbit with a small horn eating one of the plants. I was frozen as soon as I saw it the question of how to approach it stuck in my mind. Do I run at it or tip toe? O jeez talk about screwing up right when the finish line is right in front of me. Unable to decide what to do I just stood there with my sword drawn acting like someone froze

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