The Ritz-Carlton Hotel And Shangri-La Hotel Case Study

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4. Evaluated and compared with competitors The Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Shangri-La Hotel are the competitors of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. These two hotels’ company explore hotels and resort worldwide and appreciated as a five-star hotel. The headquarter of the Shangri-La Hotel also located Hong Kong. Providing quality of service and excellent facility of these three hotels which makes the customers difficult to choose one of them. The result of the second annual reader survey conducted by Fortune and Travel Leisure, all of these three hotel included at the overall top 10 rank for 2015. (Patrick, 2015) Their Hong Kong hotels all located at the business district such as Central, Admiralty etc. Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company Ritz-Carlton Hotel…show more content…
Especially, Shangri-La Hotel add more social media were mainland preference such as YouKu and WeChat. The hotel launched a “Share and Win” campaign to encourage user to share the new of new social platform use for hotel. (Enterprise Innovation editors, 2014) Accommodation and dining reservations can make by WeChat and the users can understand the hotel’s facilities and check the updated reservation status upon subscribing to Shangri-La hotel’s WeChat official account. A large group of user come from mainland China would use WeChat and the hotel could build a good relationship through the more directly platform. Besides, 1.1 million people liked Shangri-La hotel Facebook official fans page which is more than Mandarin Oriental Hotel very much. Compared with two competitors, Mandarin Oriental Hotel is not effectiveness than them. They are more effective to engage customer to interact with them through social media. More customers were awareness of their social platform. All of three hotels could improve the relationship among them, but the competitors may more powerful than Mandarin Oriental Hotel. MO also used Weibo for attracting mainland’s guest who are not active interact at the MO’s official Weibo page. Therefore, Mandarin Oriental Hotel is not effective in competing via social media platforms compared to two…show more content…
Firstly, the hotel could hold a campaign that users need to use a few words describing their experience in the hotel and post with photo taking at the hotel. Post with #Fanofmo hashtag through Facebook, Weibo or Twitter. Users invites friends to like their post and the winner is the top three users who gain the most likes. The prize would be present by the hotel. The effect of hashtag can be very huge; the user-generated content can turn new consumers into loyal brand fans. (MDG Advertising, 2014) Increase the user’s awareness of the hotel social platform is the essential thing need to do. Although Mandarin Oriental Hotel uses many social media, some post on the platform were rarely response and a little like. Campaign is a good try to let social media users recognize our brand and let the users get involved at the event and increase

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