Essay On Interpersonal Conflict

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JOURNAL ENTRIES The conflict I chose to analyze is interpersonal and my conflict style is compromising. There was no conflict when I saw an ad announcing Maraj’s Jewellery auction which was taking place at Frederick Street Port of Spain, I have never attended an auction, and it so happen I decided to attend to satisfy my curiosity. In deciding to attend the auction is the latent stage of conflict, and this exists whenever individuals, groups, organizations, or nations have differences that bother one or the other, but those differences are not great enough to cause one side to act to alter the situation (Brahm, 2003). I had my passage to go and return, and the only other money I had was grocery which was to purchase for the month and it consisted…show more content…
Reality sink in when I was walking down Fredrick street with the ring burning in my pocket and no grocery money insight but I still considered that I made a bargain deal at that price. How do I tell my husband, we will not have any grocery for the month because I took the money and brought a ring? On reaching home I took out the ring and scrutinize it from all sides it also had seven diamond a bonus, I then ensure that the room was clean and everything in place. The conflict emergence the underlying grievances or frustrations are strong enough, a “triggering event" marks the emergence or the "eruption" phase of the conflict (Kriesberg, 2003), this occurred when my husband reach home I give him his dinner and told him I had something to tell him about today, after he had eaten I told him about the auction and the great bargain I got. His expression was one of amazement that I would spend all our grocery money for a ring. He wondered if I was mad. I was fortunate that it did not conflict escalation and went to the stage of reach a stalemate: a situation in which neither side can win, the ring was already purchase nor was there any refund. I then explained to him about the diamond in the ring and I showed him, he look at the ring then he look at me, shook his head
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