Lost Diamond Ring

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Topic: 'Impossible that I lost diamond ring”, (Selina Lum, 2011) Court Case: Bass Anne Hendricks V Shangri - La Hotel Source: The Straits Times Date: 26th January 2011 Summary of Facts: An American multi-millionaire, Ms Bass, lost her 6.41 carat diamond ring in Shangri-La Hotel during her visit to Singapore. She claimed that she always had the ring with her and it is barely impossible to lose it. Thus, she filed a civil lawsuit against the hotel and sought for compensation. According to Ms Bass’ statement, she engaged a masseuse and an assistant to conduct a spa treatment in the living room. The assistant set up the massage table and left, while the masseuse was with her for one hour before she eventually left at 7:35pm. Subsequently, a butler entered the suite to deliver a meal at 9:30pm. At approximately 10pm, she…show more content…
Ms Bass had failed to take reasonable care of her belongings particularly the ring, had faield to take adequate precautions to safeguard the ring by placing it in a safe and secure place even after knowing the existence of the safe deposit box, had failed to keep the ring in the safety deposit box which was provided by the defendant in Ms Bass’ suite and had failed to entrust the ring to the defendant for safe-keeping. The relevant case law was: Oppenheim v The White Lion Hotel Company. A bag of money was placed in one of the pockets of the plaintiff’s placed clothes. It was placed on a chair at his bedside in his room in his hotel. He closed his guestroom door but did not lock or bolt it. He had taken the bag out of his pocket and a coin from the bag in the hotel’s commercial room in full public view. During the night, a thief entered the room and stole the money. The guest was negligent and contributed to his loss, the hotel was not

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