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Topic 1: Well first of all what is neutrinos and who discovered them? How do we know that they are real? A neutrino by definition is “a very small massless particle” they are the building blocks of our universe and are everywhere. There are three main types of neutrinos these types are often referred to as “flavours”. Within these three ‘families’ there are three types of ‘flavours’ These flavours are the electron neutrino, muon neutrino and the tau neutrino (please see figure 1) Source: The Electron was first discovered by Clyde Cowan and Fred Reines in 1959 although the idea of neutrinos was first thought out by “Wolfgang Pauli” who theorised this from radioactive decaying matter losing its mass. Wolfgang later said “Energy cannot be simply…show more content…
2015. Linné on line – Why are there three families of elementary particles?. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 12 August 2015]. Topic 2: What is a neutrino observatory? And what is the cost of these neutrino observatories? How long will they take to build? How do they detect them? There are a growing amount neutrino observatories around the world, in many places including Japan, India and the South Pole. The aim of a neutrino observatory is to detect these neutrinos and find a way to make them interact with matter. Neutrino observatories usually consist of a large tunnel about 1-2 kilometres long either underground or under a mountain, they have a large chamber which can hold up to around a kiloton of water. This is so that they can sow the neutrinos down enough so that it can interact with the matter. You may be asking why all countries don’t have a neutrino observatory in them, this is because the first neutrino observatory took 9 years to make, and cost around 296 million dollars, and when anything does go wrong for instance a tunnel collapses this can cost anywhere from 15-35 million

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