Summary Of Czeslaw Milosz American Ignorance Of War

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COM 102-006 Paper#2 After Reading the essays "The Apology: letters from a terrorist" by Laura Blumenfeld ; where a daughter of a former injured Citizen attempts to meet the person who shot her father and also meet his family. Also, in "American Ignorance of war" by Czeslaw Milosz; an essay about the effects of WW2 on Europe as a country and its citizens over the years. Both essays show a common factor , The Conflicts throughout the essays ; The conflict between the shooter and the victims daughter and the conflict between Arabs and Jews in "The Apology: letters from a terrorist" by Laura Blumenfeld .And the conflicts caused by ww2 the nazi’s and other American wars in "American Ignorance of war" by Czeslaw Milosz. First, "The Apology:…show more content…
In this essay the writer Milosz explains a war transforms the way one looks at life, and what's around and what we taught off as normal. He uses Poland during the nazi invasion and occupation as the example, the conflict of seeing burnt out, blowing up homes, bodies in the street, all of these things being common place in this society makes this is the reality while we in America know nothing of this , promoting our foreign policy and influence as America ignorantly keeps going into wars."for dude down the street, he stops before and how split in half by a bomb, the privacy of peoples homes – the family smells, the warmth of the beehive life, the furniture preserving the memory of loves and hatreds" (853) .the conflicts People are facing when seeing their homes split in two halves there furniture destroyed , there memories gone forever. More over , conflicts is also shown in people carrying guns in the streets kidnapping people. The idea of no peace is the conflict "a man passing the corner meets a leveled rifle, raises his hands, is pushed into the van, and from that moment is lost to his family and friends."(854) the poor man gets kidnapped and his people forget about him because they knew he was not coming

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