Food Change In The Environment

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A PAINFUL CONCLUSION We can conclude there is a lack of correlation between the needs dictated by our normal cellular functions, which are controlled genetically and cultural influences that lead to eating habits that deviate from our basic needs. Our usually stressful lifestyle, our poor nutrition, insufficient physical activity, and our exposure to toxins that are more abundant in our environment, cumulation of chemical stress, physical and psychic stress as a whole, is to blame. Our genes have not really changed in the last thousands of years, but our culture has radically distorted our environment, and at a rapid pace since the industrial revolution. All these changes to our way of life were made at the expense of the proper functioning…show more content…
It is a fact also recognized that in a developing society, these diseases spread slowly at first and then rapidly as the company grows, to quickly reach the fully developed societies accelerated rate. Because of the industrial food industry, we are left with impoverished lands that lead to micronutrient deficiencies. There are introduced chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides that will end up in our food. Because of environmental pollution, we will have a degree of toxicity, even in healthy food grown organically. There are food additives in processed foods. We consume a lot of preservatives, colors and artificial flavors added. We must guard against this, be sure to read ingredient lists and avoid processed foods. Food was then subject to irradiation and genetically modified organisms that may contribute to toxicity. Nature has been altered, our food is not in its natural state as it was when it was congruent with our…show more content…
It is imperative that we acquire the education needed to change, that we receive information and answers to questions about nutrition and overall health. It is time that we follow a proven guide whom we hear expert advice to finally apply them in our lives. What are the answers we need? Again, all we need to know is: what are the right choices to get sufficient nutrients and adequate purity to express the vitality we can do? Simple and natural nutrients, free of toxins, are needed to produce the genetic expression of optimal health. In addition, the reciprocal issue takes us to ask what the wrong choices

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