Forensic Science: J. Slemko's Blood Stain Pattern Analysis

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Introduction to Forensic Science- 500 Word PDP Essay Blood Stain Pattern Analysis: A referenced summary. Bloodstain pattern analysis is the analysis of blood at a crime scene, potentially used for crime scene reconstruction, determining any potential offences that took place (stabbing, assault etc.) and establishing the order actions unfolded. As stated in J. Slemko’s Bloodstain Tutorial the interpretation of bloodstains is said to be able to “confirm or refute assumption concerning events and their sequence”. Presumptive tests will be carried out to assess if the suspect red substance is, in fact, blood. To do this substances such as luminol (used in particularly when trace amounts of suspected blood are evident) will be applied where blood…show more content…
In general, if the bloodstain is dry you would get a sterile cotton swab, moisten it with sterile water and lightly dab the bloodstain with the swab. It should then be packaged (sterile swab container) and put in a tamper evident bag. As quickly as possible the blood should be frozen at -20 degrees in order to retain all the DNA information. If the bloodstain is wet the same procedure could be followed, alternatively use a sterile Pasteur pipette to remove the blood and transfer it into a sterile container. (Practical Skills in Forensic Science,…show more content…
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