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This evaluative essay will be on the gymnastics gym at Goodson Recreation Center. My audience is Ms. Cox, my English 090 teacher. My criteria includes: fairly clean and sanitized gym; the correct and proper equipment that is set up safely; a healthy, fun, and interactive environment; reasonable prices; and helpful, kind, and caring staff and coaches. You will soon find that the Goodson’s Gymnastics room will meet this criteria. First I will evaluate the cleanliness and sanitization of the gym. Since a gymnastics room can get very messy it takes a well-trained janitor to spot even the dirtiest of germs. At the Goodson Recreation Center they have a well experienced janitor to come in and clean a couple times a week. This janitor will vacuum every carpeted surface, wipe every touched mat and equipment, and in all those dirty little corners and odd places that collect dirt. Even with dirty children fingers touching…show more content…
A lot of gymnastics gyms across the nation have been known to cause nasty warts and funguses but at the Goodson’s Gymnastics gym they have excelled in this field holding a clean record for warts and funguses. When parents are choosing a gym for their child the cleanliness of the gym plays a big factor in either staying or leaving. One of the most unhygienic areas in a gymnastics room would have to be the foam pit. If you are not familiar with a foam pit, it is a dug out pit that extends roughly seven feet in to the ground with a trampoline on the bottom. Then after the trampoline it consists of layers upon layers of foam blocks or rectangles that can be diverse in color and variation. The foam pit would have to be considered the dirtiest part of a gym because that is where all the children play.

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