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Vietnam trekking tour: Conquer Pha Luong mountain peak – unforgettable experience Spotted with green tea hills, booming flowers fields, wild caves and waterfalls, Moc Chau is an attractive destination for nature lovers. If you love trekking and exploring challenging things, do not ignore Pha Luong Mountain, which is one of the most imposing sites in Moc Chau. Let’s follow this article for closer insight about the trekking tour in Pha Luong Mountain, Vietnam! Overview of Mount Pha Luong Considered as the roof of Moc Chau, Pha Luong peak is located about 30km from the town of Moc Chau. At an altitude of more than 2,000m, Pha Luong is a new fascinating destination for young people to explore. The steep cliffs along with numerous tectonic fissures making it a spectacular and unique scenery to visit. Situated between Vietnam- Laos border, travelers have to trek for about 3 - 4 four hours from the Pha Luong border…show more content…
It may be cool during this period so be sure to bring along warm clothes for your trekking tour. The maple forest at Pha Luong turns into beautiful yellow and red colors around September and October, but there may be typhoons during this period so remember to check the weather carefully before…show more content…
The journey may make you feel exhausted but it worth your time and effort to reach its peak. You will feel excited and be thrilled by the allure of Pha Luong’s glamour. Once you are on the top of the mountain, you'll see a fairy scenery like in heaven. The wild nature, the sublime mountains, fluffy white clouds floating will definitely make any tourists falling in love. One special thing is that when standing at the summit of Pha Luong, we can easily recognize the border between Vietnam and Laos. So do not forget to take some amazing pictures from

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