College Admissions Essay: A Moments That Change Everything

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Moments That Change Everything What you do or say in a moment can change everything. My family was finally getting their stuff together. My parents were not fighting like they usually did, while my brothers and I were getting along better than ever before. It may have had to do with the fact that my mom just had my fifth brother and he was only six days old. Regardless, it was all falling into place and then it all fell apart. It all happened in a single moment. I was nine when I lost the most important man in my life. The worst day of my life was a Wednesday, it was a beautiful day in May. It started out as a great day and that is how it ended, or so I thought. I only remember parts of it. I do not remember if I went to school that day, if I did I was late. My day started with everyone at the breakfast table, it was a rare sight. My dad was in a great mood for someone who had to go to work, but he loved his job. My dad took my two year old brother out of his highchair and was having him dance on the table. It resulted in my little brothers foot hitting the plate of scrambled eggs mom had made and sent them all over everyone. Mom did not get mad over it because it was so hilarious.…show more content…
I did not want him to go, so I asked him to stay. He told me if I wanted my dream of going to Disney World that summer to come true then he had to go to work. I agreed, I wanted to go to Disney World. Then, he got on his sparkly blue Harley-Davidson Fat Boy and left for work. I watched him pull out of the garage and go down our driveway, I even watched him go down the road and around the mountain. I watched him until I could not anymore, I loved his bike. I wish I could say what happened the rest of that day, but I cannot remember. I usually stayed up at night with my mom until my dad got home, but for some reason I stayed in bed that night and went to sleep. It was probably for the

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