How To Prevent Gun Violence Prevention Essay

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The U.S gun murder rate is 20 times higher than the combined rates of 20 countries similar in population and wealth. For us being the home of the brave and land of the free we are not very free and people sure do hide behind weapons a lot. There has been an uproar in gun violence lately and they are many routes we can take to help prevent this from getting worse. People are throwing up all kinds of different ideas, but they are presenting two sides with no compromise in mind. I have a few thoughts that I feel will give a good balance, but that can still make an impact. One step that we can take as a country to help prevent gun violence is to educate people on guns. We first need to educate the younger generations to try and change the ideas they have about guns and violence. One in five teenageres have witnessed a shooting by the time they reach adulthood and more kids die from shootings than police officers dying in the line of duty. Kids don't understand that guns are weapons and the aftermath of their actions. Most sixth…show more content…
Thorough background checks on the people interested should be a mandatory thing. A study showed that 9 out of 10 Americans agree with this, even most members of the National Rifle Association. If anyone has a background in major violence acts or has previously involved in any gang activities they should not be given the opportunity to purchase a gun. People should also have to go through a process to deem themselves mentally capable.People go through multiple steps and through a lengthy process just to buy a car or to get their license; buying a gun should be more difficult than buying a gun. Another thing that can be done is the possible buyer should have to write something or somehow express their reasons for wanting to purchase a gun. People should need a valid reason for wanting to own a weapon, not just because it looks

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