An Essay On The First Amendment In The United States

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First Amendment Essay Being a citizen of the United States gives us the liberty as individuals. In the First Amendment we have the right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech the most powerful amendment in the United States Constitution, which can sometimes be misinterpreted by not knowing what the real meaning if the right. Freedom of speech gives us the liberty to speak our opinions with no restraint. Having the opportunity to say what we believe is something very important, we have to take in consideration because it depends on us to say what we believe in order to make our country prosper. Having the ability to in speak in public, among other people, or a group about your opinions with getting into any legal punishment is what freedom of speech gives of the opportunity to do. It is nice to share with other people the opinions we have no matter if they are the same or different. Even though we opinions are always going to be different and occasionally there sometimes are the same is what makes us a strong country. We get to decide who to vote for and think who is a great leader for our country.…show more content…
Freedom of speech is helpful to us as citizens in the United States to say what we think among other people without going to jail, or getting in serious trouble with the polices. In this country everybody has their own opinions, which sometimes can be different than my opinions. Giving us the opportunity to think and speak our minds is something we should be proud that we can

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