Freedom Of Speech In Social Media Essay

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In this law and criminality topic, I have explore in freedom of speech in social media which means right to speak anything to the public through social media and I have use some case studies: Facebook statement of right and responsibility (SRR), Twitter policies and violation, Tumblr privacy policy, instagram privacy policy and abuse policy. During a research, I got an idea about 2 sides think whether social media support freedom of speech or not? The aim of this research is to identify how do the justice system work in cyber world. Most social media are trying not to harass or bully any user and not liberty for sure according to Facebook statement of right and responsibility (SRR): in section 3 (safety) said…show more content…
For example, I could talk to someone who is in different countries so it can help me more in homework, projects and stuff. Plus, the information could be more reliable than the internet research, because they tell what they really see and well known. It also give a chance for people to speak in the public, because some people become popular for speaking something which people agree with for example, Animal rights should not be exist, because everyone was born here for survival and it’s what the bible said and god’s expectation and if some people believe that it is true, they might take that person’s idea and send it to ministry or department of justice to discuss about it and in my opinion, I think this could give a chance to everyone to become a person who shows other country the big improvement. However, every time when you post something, you might need to make sure that social media would not against your post. For example, if CEO of twitter is Christian (Catholics) and one day, I post to twitter that I hate Christian. CEO have rights to remove me or actually they can also blacklist my account, called the police and prepare to go to jail in no excuse. Sometimes, the user needs to think that twitter is more overpower than the

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